Project Portfolio

Central Utility Plant

Bishop Ranch Central Utility Plant


Bishop Ranch


San Ramon, CA

General Contractor

Sunset Development Co.

Mechanical Engineer

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Year Complete



9,500 sf

Contract Type

Design Bid Build

Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Project Overview

Major demo and upgrade of 30 year old central plant serving the 2 million foot property and Ice Storage refrigeration system at sub terrain level.

Mechanical Highlights

  • Disconnection of man-made Lake for the condenser water system at Sub Terrain Level
  • Installation of (3) Trane 1000 ton chillers at sub terrain level
  • Installation of (4) secondary B&G 40 HP Chilled water pumps at Sub Terrain level
  • Installation at Roof Level [5 stories] 6 cell BAC Cooling Towers providing 1500 GPM per cell
  • Structural Up grade at Roof level to accommodate 50,000 lbs added equipment load and new screen wall system
  • Installation of (4) B&G 75 HP Condenser Water pumps at sub terrain level
  • All “new” CHW and CWS piping isolated from building structure.
  • Five levels of saw cutting and steel reinforcement for new piping shaft
  • Five stories of 18” Condenser Water piping supply and return along with [3] 6” Refrigeration blow off lines that were prefabbed and installed in 2 crane picks. The 2 sections of piping were welded in place at 2nd floor level
  • Re-work of Chiller room ventilation system
  • Installation of “new” sump pumping system to accommodate Cooling tower blow down at sub terrain level.
  • New Chemical feed system installed at sub terrain level
  • Major shut down of 2M sq. ft. building to tie in “new” chilled water system which included line stops and line freezing for new system tie-in.
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