Project Portfolio


University of California - Science and Engineering 2


University of California, Merced


Merced, CA


SmithGroup, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer

Gayner Engineers

Year Complete



102,000 SF

Contract Type

Design Bid Build

Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Project Overview

The building houses Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Material Science Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Teaching Classrooms, Imaging Suite, NMR’s, Wind Tunnel Lab, faculty offices and administrative spaces.

Mechanical Highlights

  • Three-story above grade with one sub-terrain level that houses mechanical equipment.
  • Condensed heating mechanical systems requiring complex coordination/detailing.
  • Stainless steel and galvanized sheet metal duct.
  • Pre-fabricated pump skids installed at Sub-terrain level.
  • 300 Air valves and VAV boxes in conjunction with coil modules for cooling/heating, including exhaust air valves for fume hood exhaust.
  • Rooftop AHU’s at 150,000 CFM. 
  • Lab exhaust system of 120,000 CFM including heat recovery coils.
  • Pre-insulated underground system for chilled and hot water system tying into campus loop.

Certified LEED Platinum