Project Portfolio

Process Piping

American River Packaging Digester


Clean World Partners, LLC


Sacramento, CA


Peabody Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Frank M. Booth Design Build Co.

Year Complete


Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth Design Build Co.

Project Overview

Design and construction of a high solid organic waste conversion facility.  The system will convert 7.5 tons of food waste a day from Campbell Soup and other regional food producers along with .5 tons of non-recyclable corrugated materials into natural gas.  The natural gas is used to generate approximately 1,300 kWh of renewable electricity per day, supplying about 37% of ARP’s electricity needs.  This highly complex, innovative system is based on anaerobic digestion (AD) technology developed by UC Davis.

Mechanical Highlights


  • Custom fabrication of (2) process skid units with fully integrated PLC control system, electrical panels, VFDs, process chopper pumps and automated valves.
  • Custom built Auger/Strainer assembly for drainage of fluids/retention of solids.
  • Installation of (1) Garb-el hammer mill and full integration into onboard automated control system.
  • Custom fabricated boiler skid designed to integrate into control system used to heat on demand the anaerobic digestion process.