Project Portfolio


Rideout Regional Medical Center


Rideout Memorial Hospital


Marysville, CA


Stafford King Wiese and Kelly Architecture and Planning

Mechanical Engineer

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Year Complete



215,000 SF

Contract Type

Design Build

Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth , Inc.

Project Overview

Six-story hospital expansion that includes Emergency Department, full Imaging Dept., Kitchen / Dining, support services, Surgical Department, Cath Labs, 92 patient rooms, 12 LDRP rooms, C-Section rooms, Endoscopy, Nursery and mechanical penthouse.  The project also includes a 2,300 sf MDF room on the 6th floor.


The tower is completely self-supporting with a new mechanical plant on the 6th floor and roof.  All critical equipment is located above the floor elevation.

Mechanical Highlights

  • Two 800-ton chillers in Penthouse with floating floors for acoustical treatment.
  • Eight high efficiency hydronic boilers.
  • 100% outside air, built-up air handling system (230,000 cfm) with run-around coil, hydronic heat recovery.
  • Centralized gas fired humidification system.
  • Bulk oxygen system.
  • Medical vacuum pump and air systems.
  • Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide gas manifold systems.
  • Project included fire sprinkler design with variable speed fire pump and pre-action systems for MDF.
  • Variable refrigerant split systems serving IDF rooms.