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Science and Technology

Genentech Research Support Facility




Dixon, CA


Flad & Associates, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer

Affiliated Engineers W, Inc.

Year Complete



150,000 SF

Contract Type

Design, Bid, Build

Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Project Overview

The 150,000 sf vivarium is a two-story facility constructed in order to provide research support for Genentech’s other facilities in nearby Vacaville.  The two-story facility’s primary purpose is on the lab and lab support environment.  Approximately two-thirds of the first floor is served by an interstitial space, the remaining third is office support and an extensive process cleaning area.  The building has an extensive HVAC system with three to four layers of ductwork above ceiling and an N+1 heating and cooling capacity. 

Mechanical Highlights

  • The facility consists of two separate central utility plants.  The chilled water for the building is supplied from three 700-ton chillers and a primary/secondary pump system on the ground floor.  The boiler plant is located on the second floor and includes three 6,400 MBH boilers for the heating hot water system.  The process steam for the cleaning equipment and building humidification is supplied by three 10,000 MBH Thermal Fluid Heaters producing 10,350 lbs/hr of steam each.
  • The airside of the system consists of seven main air handlers with six out of the seven being a complete outside air system.  The office area is served with a combination supply/return air fan wall system, and the lab area is served with a 100% outside air.  The return air system is fully ducted.