Segments and Services

Building Information Modeling

BIM is a digital representation of the physical and the functional characteristics of a facility. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility, forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life cycle from inception onward.

FMB recognizes that one of the greatest values of BIM is its potential to reduce cost, increase productivity, reduce errors and improve the quality of our work products and to improve the built environment.  As such, it can be a valuable tool in facilitating successful collaboration and coordination during pre-design, design, construction, and operation and maintenance of both new and existing buildings. 

FMB has been using BIM for over 15 years through the detailing of ductwork, hydronics & plumbing in 3D.  FMB currently utilizes CAD Duct (HVAC) and CAD Mech (Plumbing & Piping) fabrication software for a complete platform to produce overhead plumbing, hydronic and HVAC construction drawings for BIM models. We work with AutoCAD Revit and AutoCAD MEP 3D to be able to effectively communicate with the design team when the project allows.

Through the use of Navisworks software and Smart Stations, we use our 3D construction drawings in an electronic platform for clash detection during the coordination process with the other trades.  The use of Navisworks allows each trade to import their 3-D individual models into one platform to perform interference management and a photorealistic visualization of the product to help reduce waste, increase efficiency, and problems in the field.