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Building Automation Systems

The BAS segment of FMB provides the building control system solutions for the projects installed by the company, as well as end users desiring of our expertise. Whether the project is design build, design assist, plan and spec, or direct-to-owner, the BAS is designed to fit the needs of the customer and provide the level of access, monitoring and functionality that the customer needs and desires.

FMB's control system expertise includes pneumatic, electric, electronic, and direct digital control in various combinations to create a comprehensive facility system. We provide complete system design engineering, installation, and thorough commissioning for all system we provide.

With ever changing technology, Building Automation Systems have evolved into very user-friendly tools for the facility owner and operator.  These technological advancements provide means to monitor and control various building systems to the level desired. While the BAS itself is commissioned as a system, it also can be a valuable tool in assisting with the initial commissioning of various other building systems, as well as re-commissioning through the life of the facility.  The utilization of standards such as TCP/IP, the Internet protocol, allows authorized access via a standard web-browser to a system locally, and remotely via the Internet. Complete support of standard communication protocols such as Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks provide the means to communicate with and integrate various building systems and manufacturers.

With consideration to the above, the variety of solutions that are available is extensive. With proper application, the ultimate solution provides a powerful tool to effectively and efficiently operate a facility.  With the broad range of technology and options available, our focus with every opportunity is to not over complicate the system or lose site of basic needs of the facility operator.

As LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) continues to evolve and mature, Building Automation Systems play a significant role in achieving related credits and ultimate certification for a facility.  FMB's BAS segment is well versed on LEED and understands the importance of this role.

The primary BAS solution utilized by FMB is the Siemens Talon system. The Talon system supports BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus and incorporates the open technologies provided with the Niagara Framework technology developed by Tridium, Inc. The Johnson Metasys system is also provided and fully supported by FMB for those customers who desire the JCI product.  The peripheral devices incorporated into our solutions are manufactured by several industry leading and recognized manufacturers which include Belimo, Veris Industries, Alta Labs, and Ebtron.

For more information, please contact Jack Brassington,, FMB's Automation Systems Manager.

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