Segments and Services


As an adjunct to FMB's construction projects, FMB's in-house service group in concert with our BAS segment performs the mechanical start-up and commissioning aspects of all construction projects.  Additionally, FMB provides post-construction Preventative Maintenance Service to end-users of these facilities, if desired.  The FMB Service segment's primary focus is to provide the aforementioned services to projects designed and/or installed by FMB.  This unique approach assures timely response and thorough knowledge of the project when supporting the user.

Our service technicians are trained and/or factory certified on most all major equipment and systems FMB provides including AHUs, CRACs, VFDs, boilers, cooling towers, etc.

Project Start-Up and Commissioning

Upon completion of the mechanical installation, it is FMB's intent to start-up the facilities' mechanical systems in conformance with the manufacturer's requirements, commission to the project's requirements (CxA and/or LEED), and perform all above to FMB's stringent standards.

With the myriad of requirements from project to project, there are too many options to mention.  Regardless of the project requirements, start-up and commissioning is always performed to meet FMB's minimum standards with complete records produced to document the processes.

Preventative Maintenance

FMB provides comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Services to end-users that are specific to the facility and tailored to the requirements of the customer.  FMB provides detailed documentation of services to be performed, durations, and any special functions relative to the specific facility.  The customer is instrumental in creating the maintenance program for their facility.  This, coupled with FMB's expertise, provides the most beneficial maintenance program.

For more information, please contact James Childers,, FMB's Service Manager.